UNICOIN Ready to Launch

UNICOR have been researching solutions to the coming global financial downturn and inflation resulting from massive money printing by most western countries in the wake of COVID-19 and the decade since the financial collapse of 2008 caused by corrupt banking institutions.

Whilst Cryptocurrencies have been seen by many as the future of money, the facts behind the hype leave much to be desired if this new technology is to be treated seriously.

Bitcoin may have created a great deal of wealth for investors, and as the first Block chain currency it deserves much credit for opening the world to the concept of a better way to transact financially, but in FACT it is as much a tool of criminals today as it was during its formative years and has become the ultimate Ponzi scheme, extracting real money from people around the world in search of easy profit, only to dump the coins periodically to buy them back at less than 95% of their peak value.

The same people who control central banks and benefit from the rise and fall of property values as they increase and decrease interest rates for borrowers are now in control of the Crypto market which means that the concept of decentralisation has been thwarted as the same people control the prime movers in this new economy that have controlled the system which BITCOIN et al promised to deconstruct.

UNICOR have identified the need for a global network of national / regional currencies which offer the benefits of decentralisation and the transparency so much needed in this space together with governmental involvement without need to pay interest to bankers on money that is created on behalf of the governments. Add absolute oversight by the public and set parameters within which governments may create money or borrow currencies, and we can create an open financial system which is not open to abuse by criminals, whether those criminals wear masks or suits.

We have added to this core network of currencies, 2 additional coins which satisfy the need for store of value and international stable currency not requiring the high costs of exchange ot transactional fees, unlike many of the new Crypto coins and tokens which now carry unrealistic “gas” fees making the reality of buying a coffee at Starbucks ridiculous.

The energy requirement alone, must force the scrapping of Bitcoin in the near future unless it is reinvented with different technology, currently using the same power as some mid sized countries to simply process 4 – 7 transactions per second whilst the global financial system currently processes a million times that at its peak. Bitcoin ALONE can negate the whole of our global efforts to reduce carbon effects on the climate, and if it were to become mainstream as a currency we would need the power of 10 more planets just to run the system.

The solution to the very real fears of centralised financial systems is not decentralisation, as we humans like the support of having someone to help solve problems when they occur and the peace of mind that if we lose our phone we do not lose all our money, savings and financial information – which can be the case with most Cryptocurrencies. The solution is decentralisation of the control of the financial system, removing the greedy criminals who have no concern for the human race, our planet, or the suffering they cause in the pursuit of profits.

Many companies have used the sale of tokens as a method of raising capital for some great projects, whilst many have simply used the “Wild West” era since the creator of Bitcoin released his or her white paper to steal money from unsuspecting retail investors through pump and dump schemes and ICO fraud.

UNICOIN, UNICASH and the UNICURRENCY Organisations’ network of local currencies tied to established FIAT currencies have created a new global money system which solves the problems of the past which providing a pathway to future financial Freedom, Integrity, Responsibility, Synergy and Transparency, the F.I.R.S.T principles upon which our company is built.